Dahlia's getting married!!

Mazal Tov and Hoorah!! Dahlia, who would have traveled on the Oregon Trail if she had her druthers, is a pioneer spirit at heart. Let us make a memory quilt to send her off on her journey. All you need to do is make a personalized square and send it to me (Dina Trachtman) and I'll do the rest.
1. Purchase some white or off-white 100% cotton muslin fabric. A quarter of a yard\meter should be enough.
2. Dimensions of the square: 19 cm sq. or 7.5 in. sq. Call me at 02 5341721 if you need clarification.
3. Decorate the square in any way that speaks to you and use lots of color and imagination. Some good mediums are puffy paint, fabric paint, photo transfers, applique, and embroidery. If all else fails go to the craft store or call me for inspiration.
4. Send completed square to:
Dina Trachtman
Meshek 61
Moshav Ramat Raziel
Send me the completed squares by the first of September or bring it to Dahlia's wedding shower. Upon receiving the squares I will assemble the quilt. A photo of this quilt will appear at this link. Check back after the Hagim.