About Us

Trachtman Family has been providing quality family services since our founding in 1984.

Family Members

Michael - The dad of this family.

Dina - The mom of this family.

Jacob - Our oldest boy. He's in Yeshiva in NY.

Rosie - Our oldest girl. She's in the Israeli Army.

Toby - A wonderful child. Everybody loves him.

Joshua - Our newest Bar Mitzva Boy.

Ezra - He loves stories.

Jonah - He loves Computers.

Frankie - He's not a baby.. He's a big boy.

Sheep - A few. We need more.

Chickens - They give good eggs. We need more.

Dogs - Gilbert and Sullivan. And some past dogs in our memory.

Snake - Our newest family member. Watch your step!!

Bees - not yet.

Cat - We don't know if we have one. Keeps running away.

Peacock - Should we get one??

Horse and Rabbit and Fish and other Stuff - Used to have. No longer with us.